MediaRod™ Freeform Video Rod Elements
MediaRod™ Freeform Video Rod Elements
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MediaRod™ Freeform Video Rod Elements-1
MediaRod™ Freeform Video Rod Elements-2
MediaRod™ Freeform Video Rod Elements-3

MediaRod™ Freeform Video Rod Elements



Available as strips of pixels, MediaRod™ Series Freeform Video Rod Elements/ Architectural Lighting and Display Solutions could be easily assembled and interconnected to transform any building into stunning visual landmarks, delivering vivid graphics and full-motion videos.  
MediaRod™ Series can be structured in various resolutions depending on the application. Modular design allows MediaRod™ series to be readily configured in custom sizes with virtually no size limitation and easily mounted onto any architecture surfaces while delivering a clean viewing experience for those within the building.

Pixel pitches available at 10mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm, 31mm, 33mm, 35mm, and 50mm, easily installed over any building surface, MediaMatrix™ Outdoor Series have been meticulously engineered to deliver exceptionally true colors with ultra-high contrast ratio and  6,000- 12,000 nits of brightness, ensuring optimum image quality even in bright sunlight conditions.
Exceptionally lightweight and ultra-slim design renders MediaMatrix™ Outdoor Series a perfect choice for outdoor glass curtain media façade applications.