W Transparent LED Display in Macao

W Transparent LED Display in Macao

Pixel piches available at 3.75/8mm, 3.9/7.8mm, 5/8mm, 7.5/8mm, 10mm, 16mm, and 20mm, with brilliant ultra-light designing ,super high transparency and admirable performance, easily fit almost any indoor architectural structures, MediaMatrix™ W series video wall solutions have been meticulously engineered to deliver exceptionally true colors with ultra-high contrast retio and up to 6000 nits of brightness ,ensuting optimum image quelity even in bright sunlight conditions.

With up to 87% transparency, W series are almost invisible from 5 meters away, which makes it the ultimate video wall choice for glass window and façade applications.


 Groundbreaking Transparent Fanless Design
Groundbreaking cost-effective fanless self-cooling design renders MediaMatrix™ ultra-slim structure and amazing 70-87% transparency, which ont only help to bring great installation & maintenance advantages ,but also make transforming glass facades or shop windows into vivid video walls without blocking out light or the view on both sides possible.

Exceptionally Lightweight and Ultra-slim
With astonishing average weight at sheer 12-14kg/sqm, MediaMatrix™ is designed for ease of installation and maintenance, eliminating huge heavy load supporting structure which is often associated with alternative conventional LED video wall solutions, besides apparent huge transportation and logistics benefits.

Unparalleled Performance
Meticulously engineered to deliver exceptionally true colors with ultra-high contrast ratio and up to 6000nits of brightness while consuming much less energy comparing to conventional ones, ensuring optimum image quality even in bright sunlight conditions.

Modular Design, Customizable and Extremely Versatile
User-friendly design, unlimited orientation, extremely versatile and highly customizable, suitable for any size and shape-convex, concave, wave or even cylindrical, rending it fit almost  any indoor architectural structures

Quality and Reliability
To ensure out stringent quality and reliability standards are met, only premium quality components are used. The high quality of MediaMatrix™ is also backed up by the outstanding quality of out service technicians and the support we offer to our customers.
Here at LedHERO®, we offer 24/7 Technical Support, a full 2-years product warranty, which could also be extended to 3, 4 or even 5 years at your option, so you’ve got not only your product fully covered, but also your investment!

From Design to Implementation, Every Steps  along the Way
Our thchnical sailes team works with you to uncover your individual needs and develop the ultimate LED video wall solution for your project. From start to finish, you will be escorted through every step of the process to ensure your solution is perfect, your installation is successful, and your implementation is seamless.

Environmentally Friendly and COST Effective
LedHERO®  is committed to protecting the environment & reducing our carbon footprint. MediaMatrix™ consumes less power, lasts longer and can be produced, delivered, installed and disposed of more efficiently and cost effectively.

With all the benefits MediaMatrix™ offers , it’s easy to see why MediaMatrix™ is widely adopted by  Retail,Banking, Hospitality, Corporate, Transportation, Events & Exhibition and Education sectors worldwide very quickly. It’s a smart investment!