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Rental LED Display

LED-Hero is one of China professional Rental LED Display manufacturers, welcome to order high quality Rental LED Display from our factory.




1. Gap free

Rental led display frame made by CNC machine, no gap after assembling, and ensures a flatness screen.

2. Fast and easy set up

Fast locking system and modular cabinets for easy set up, saves labor cost.

3. Neutrik data and power connectors, stable and reliable.

4. Noiseless power supply, quiet operation.

5. High contrast ratio with true black SMD, better color uniformity.

6. Test button on each cabinet, indicates the working condition before installation, time saving.

7. High refresh rate

Up to 6000HZ refresh rate, no scan line through TV camera, could be used for TV studio, control room, show room etc.

8. High gray scale

High gray scale ensures the display have good performance.

9. Wide viewing angle

With wide viewing angle led lamps, could reach to 140 degree in horizontal and vertical way.

10.  High color uniformity

All the masks spray same color printing ensures the whole display with best color uniformity.

Same batch LED lamps, same color and same brightness.

11. Low power consumption and long life span

Choose Nichia or Cree or Epistar led chip, save 25% or more power cost, life span more than 100,000 hours.

12. Die-casting aluminum cabinets for better heat dissipation, light weight, saving transportation cost.

13.  Hanging and stacking possible, used for different circumstances.

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rental led display


After several years of development, our rental LED display products become much lighter, stronger, more stable. The design, structure and performance had been improved a lot from inside and out.

Usage: indoor rental led display and outdoor rental led display.

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