Perimeter LED Display

Perimeter LED Display

P10 Perimeter LED Display, Perimeter LED Display

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1. Soft mask, protect the led lamp as well as players from collision.

2. Using high efficient optical fiber transmission system, avoiding signal delay for long transmission distance of the soccer field.

3. Double signal cable for hot back up, when one data cable is broken off, another one will back up automatically.

4. IP65 waterproof used for all weather conditions.

5. Equipped with dedicated scoring system, easy to edit program, such as scores update, playback.

6. High refresh rate, up to 4800HZ, no flicker, even under dynamic shooting camera on the sports field.

P16 perimeter led displayP10 perimeter led display

perimeter led display


Perimeter LED Display for football field:

perimeter led display

LED display in athletic field:

led display