Company Events/Progress


In 2007,

January 2007, Mr Chen Weirong resigned from Huawei and founded “LED-HEROwith the belief and mission of "Beat by wisdom, win in morals" .

February 2007 - “LED HEROwas founded on the very grounds of Shenzhen city.

May 2007 -The first project of LED-HERO was installed in Nangchang city, Jiangxi Province.

September 2007- LED-HERO was rated as "High-tech Enterprise".

October 2007- LED HERO has been certified by CC, UL and FCC.


In 2008,

January 2008 - LED-HERO held the anniversary celebrations of company foundation.

April 2008 - LED-HERO became the syndic unit of COEMA.

June 2008 -  LED HERO established the sales and marketing department.

July 2008 - LED HERO got the first foreign trade order which was installed in Istanbul City, Turkey.

October 2008 - LED HERO products passed the National Quality Inspection.                                                                                                        


In 2009,

In January, LED-HERO held the second anniversary celebrations of company foundation. 

 May 2009 - LED-HERO self-developed the PH12.5 and PH16 mesh screen for rental use.

In September 2009, LED-HERO was awarded the "Shenzhen independent innovation products certificate"


In 2011,


In January, LED-HERO moved to Guanlan Zhangkengjing Hero park and held the fourth anniversary celebrations.

In March. LED-HERO attended the Seventh Guangzhou International LED Exhibition with new rental LED mesh screen.

In June, LED-HERO got the project which is largest outdoor curved LED display in Dezhou city, Shan Dong Province.

In July, LED-HERO developed and improved the PH12.5 mesh screen.



In 2013,


In January, LED-HERO moved to Junxin Rod, Junzibu Village, Guanlan Town, Longhua New District.

In March, LED-HERO participate in the Ninth Guangzhou International LED Exhibition with new LED cylinder screen, and held housewarming and anniversary celebrations.