The secrets of city beautification, the all in the LED-HERO transpaent screen

The secrets of city beautification, the all in the LED-HERO transpaent screen

With the LED display diversified development trend, banks, shopping malls, theaters, commercial streets, chain stores, hotels and municipal public buildings, landmark buildings are installed with LED transparent display. It is not only to improve the aesthetics, but also will not make any  influence on the appearance of the buildingindoor because of transparent advantage which is indoor installation and showing outside. Transparent led display is not only be a led display but also led lighting. It can save a large part of the facade of the lighting, both cost savings and has significant advertising effectiveness.

What’s Transparent screen? It is Similar to traditional grid led display and curtain led display. with a light through the characteristics. Transparent LED display usually installed behing glass of building wall, keepping the structure pretty appearance but also showing advertising as regular screen.

LED-HERO had push out different types of LED transparent screen around the world to luxury stores, chain stores, for the brand shop publicity and lighting, enhance the effectiveness of brand advertising. LED-HERO transparent screen strong attack, which also shows LED display development very well in the diversified market.  LED-HERO transparent LED display with glass building construction advertising and lighting is the pioneering products, which is to be an successful important factor  into the diversified market.

Glass wall building gradually occupy the main urban construction, and LED display is also an one of the important indispensable role in modern city, especially in the application of urban architecture is numerous, the most typical when the number of New York Times Square. The application of led in urban construction is countless, The most typical is New York Times Square.
LED display applications like mushrooming in the glass wall construction,  which is the trend of the market , the choice of the times.
LED display is special to compare with other display on technical superiority, which is characterized by low power consumption, low operating voltage, low power consumption, miniaturization, easy to match with the integrated circuit, drive simple, long lifespan, impact resistance , Stable performance. 

LED display diversified market has not yet fully opened at present, But still can not stop the innovation and other domestic enterprises in the footsteps of progress. LED display diversified application will be an important energy of LED business development. Which will also drive the development of the entire industry chain, while pulling the LED display market continues to develop.