Outdoor LED Display Heat Dissipation Advice

Outdoor LED Display Heat Dissipation Advice

Outdoor LED display in summer often faces a variety of issues such as extreme temperature, lightning and rain and other weather conditions, which will often have a lot of security risks on shortening its lifespan. Therefore, we not only need to rely on their own display of high strength weathering resistance, but also, even more importantly, we must prevent in advance, in order to minimize the risk of various types of failures.

Here are some advice concerning heat dissipation of outdoor LED display.

1. If the display area is within 25 square meters, without the use of air conditioning, you can use both fans of a diameter about 450mm, depending on the size of the installation space.

2. If the display installation position is against the wall with protrusion of one meter, we recommend choosing the fan, fan mounting position is according to the size. The fan is installed to ensure that there are nets to prevent the maintenance technician’s clothes in the display from being sucked in to cause unpredictable damage.

3. If the display is installed on a single column or pillar, then it is best to use fan to dissipate heat, the wind turbine installation in large-screen rear aluminum plate by the top is made in the form of blinds so when it rains, it does not enter the display. If it is in the form of double-column outdoor LED display , can be opened in the middle of the double column of several shutters, the windows are all trades intake port, exhaust fan above the mouth, thus forming a complete air convection cooling makes better.