Measures to Safe Use of LED Display

Measures to Safe Use of LED Display

As the usages of LED display continue to expand, our customers are increasingly aware of its safety concerns. Especially after a series of incidents happened causing injuries in recent years. Here LED-Hero is to provide some measures to you on how to prevent safety incidents of LED display.

Installation can be a tricky process. Installation of non-standard, especially in areas such as the frequent need to install the stage and other areas, the installation does not regulate the use of the LED display. In addition, the industry also has no regulatory measures on the use of the installation, even if there are some relevant provisions, it is not in place. Therefore to avoid such accidents, for display manufacturers in terms of personnel, should be increased to build the knowledge base, improve their professionalism; the LED display manufacturers, will have to develop relevant safety system, and strictly enforced, in order to avoid build problems caused by accidents.

For customers to purchase or lease of the display, no doubt, also with LED display the accident occurred has some relevance, consumers generally have good products at low prices available psychological. Thus for customers, the choice of the display should not simply rudely Compare prices to hastily make a choice. Understand the price, but also should be on the manufacturer's size, brand, reputation, especially after-sales service to conduct a comprehensive understanding of, and then make a final decision. Similar products related to personal safety, the first quality of the product should be placed in the first position, which reduce the quality problems caused by accident, it is extremely important.