LED transparent screen settled in Dubai 4S Rolls-Royce shop

LED transparent screen settled in Dubai 4S Rolls-Royce shop

In this country to celebrate the big day, Herno who also got the exotic blessing. From Rolls Royce 4S shop in Dubai, more than 200 square feet of Herne LED transparent screen successfully blooming out of its unique style. Site is so beautiful and shocked, Tell me what you can slowly appreciate with us:

transparent led display

LED transparent screen as a new type of display technology, the most prominent feature is the transparent, it has about 70% to 90% of the permeability, beautiful, less impact on the original building appearance. The use of LED transparent screen for advertising content playback, the rest does not light, but only the content to be displayed, this broadcast method can also reduce light pollution and energy consumption. But also is in line with the advocacy of energy-saving theme in China, in response to the call of the national energy-saving emission reduction, closer to the public's aesthetic requirements and contemporary consumer needs. More products please pay attention: www.led-hero.com