LED-HERO's Transparent LED Display Develop Rapidly in LED Glass Wall Area

LED-HERO's Transparent LED Display Develop Rapidly in LED Glass Wall Area

At present, in some big cities, the number of traditional outdoor commercial advertising screen is gradually reduced, the new glass building wall has high demands for transparent led display . So why transparent led display becoming a new tendency of Glass Architectural Media field?
Here are some reasons you have to read.
(1). High transparency up to 95%, assures the indoor lighting rate from the LED display and glass windows.
(2). Ultra small thickness and light weight. Panel thickness is less than 10cm, weight is less than 14kg/sqm, no need to change the building structure, could be fixed on the glass windows or hung on the ceiling.
(3). No need sub steel structure, saves lot of installation and maintenance cost.
(4). Perfect advertisement effect, full of art feelings, the video looks like flying on the glass.
(5). Easy maintenance, fast and safe compared with screen installed outside
(6). Power saving and eco friendly, no need extra cooling system, power saving rate is more than 30% compared with normal LED display.
(7). High brightness, more than 6000nits, could use both day and night time.

As we know, transparent LED display technology available in the market, which is ultra light weight, high transparency, it can keep the natural lighting and no need to make change on the building structure. Indoor installation,save cost and easy for maintenance .In addition, the unique showing effect, the images looks like showing on the glass window when the audiences is standing at the right distance. It bring a fantastic visual performance and good advertising effect for big glass building and commercial glass windows, such as shopping mall, airport, hotel and etc.
   In the high-end applications, such 4S shop, installed transparent led screen behind glass, maximized the transparency and no influence on the decoration style . The inside people can see outside.In addition, in some retail stores, such as KFC, McDonald's and other places, transparent led screen could replace the traditional paper poster. It can realize the cluster management , easy to change and update the content.
Now more and more companies have found the potential market and want to entry it to promote this products . LED-Hero as a leader of transparent led display , keep improving the products design and service, to provide the most stable products and good solution for clients.
Obviously, transparent led display has became a new choice for the architectural media. But clients should know how to identify the products and select a good supplier to cooperation, and beware of falling into low-cost traps.