Hong Kong 140㎡ LED Display Program Finished Successfully

Hong Kong 140㎡ LED Display Program Finished Successfully

When it comes to Hong Kong, especially in the heat of the summer, can not help but remind everyone of the sea world, those colorful, different shapes of marine life to see people linger, and across the ocean in a huge piece of the LED screen Screen is amazing, by the Shenzhen Hernuo R & D, design and installation is complete, so that people enjoy the end of the ocean at the same time beauty, but also for Herne's new technology and feel amazing. No need to say more, please directly see below pictures:

After reading these, are you very interested in it? Then I will  tell you some the curtain screen knowledge!

LED-HERO's LED screens have below features:
Installation is fast and safe
To achieve rapid disassembly of products and ensure the flatness after the installation of the entire screen; testing by third-party professional bodies: the ultimate strength of the assembly structure to withstand damage up to 10000N, safe lifting 20 lines of products;
Maintenance is simple
(2 minutes to complete a single light bar replacement, 5 minutes to complete the power box replacement); with the power and signal work from the state (from the power supply and signal work to the status of self-repair), the use of the original LED embedded bar structure, and modular power signal combination structure, Check function, once not display the screen to help you quickly determine the problem, quickly make the appropriate maintenance measures;
Can be individually removed and replaced
When the whole screen in a product failure, can be directly removed and replaced without having to remove other products, to help you quickly resolve the product unexpected situation;
High degree of protection, no fear of rain weather
Tested by the third party professional organizations: B series plug light curtain of the protection level up to IP65, no fear of bad rain weather, can rest assured that the use of outdoor environments;
Light (6.5-10 kg / block)
Single product weight of only 6.5-10 kg, one person can easily pick up for your installation and handling bring great convenience;
The use of pixel structure design, the product permeability of up to 35% -65%, very low wind resistance, third-party testing agencies detection: the maximum anti-12 wind, you can rest assured that the use of the product in windy weather;
The edge of the thinnest only 15-40mm, take up a small space for you to save the stage space and transport packing space, to your use and transportation has brought great convenience;
Large visual range design (limited to table lights products)
In the 150 ° wide viewing angle range, watching the screen color temperature does not change, to help you have a larger stage the best viewing area;
Lossless grayscale brightness adjustment (limited to table lights products)
Up to 256 lossless grayscale brightness adjustment, even if the brightness to the minimum brightness, each color still has more than 4096 grayscale performance, enough to adapt to a variety of occasions, regulatory requirements. To ensure that the product of color expression;
Through a number of international standards certification
In strict accordance with the corresponding international standards, in full compliance with CE, RoHS, FCC, ETL standards;
Professional-grade connectors, quick plug, safe and reliable